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Haneen Arshad (Canadian, b. 1993) 

Haneen recently returned to Edinburgh to pursue her dual passions for conservation and art, marking a significant shift in her journey. Previously an Architectural Conservationist in Toronto, Haneen has taken a new direction since 2019, dedicating herself part-time to expanding both her business and her art collection.

The seeds of Haneen's passion for heritage architecture began to sprout during her final years as an architectural undergrad in Toronto, Ontario. Her growing interests propelled her to undertake a master's program in architectural conservation in the captivating city of Edinburgh, Scotland. During her time there, she delved deep into the global realm of architectural and urban conservation, uncovering its profound impacts on economies, politics, identities, and tourism in various nations.

Upon completing her studies, Haneen embarked on a quest for a role within a conservation firm. Concurrently, she initiated an Instagram platform to showcase her intricately hand-drawn architectural renderings. The reach of her platform transcended borders, connecting her with a worldwide audience. This engagement not only led to custom commissions but also enabled international sales of her unique creations. Additionally, Haneen's skills garnered recognition as a finalist in international drawing competitions.

With her combined background in art and architecture, Haneen possesses a distinctive edge in crafting her art pieces. She intricately captures the essence of historic architectural sites, blending detailed drawings with abstract illustrations. Employing graphite pencils and acrylic markers, her artistic process brings to life these remarkable historical buildings in an authentic memorable way.

Haneen is always looking to collaborate, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel Haneen's style is a good fit your home, office, brand, etc.


ArchiGraphicArts 2020 (Finalist)

Grey Cube Gallery 2020  (Honourable Mention) 

Art Fairs:


July 2022

Brampton, Ontario

Caledon Art Crawl

August 2022

Caledon, Ontario

Nuit Blanche, Wychwood Barns October/ December 2022

Toronto, Ontario 

Birds Nest Gallery Meadows 

August 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland


Artist Project 2023

Toronto, Ontario

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For more print options, visit Haneen's Etsy Shop.

For frequent sketches and progress drawings, follow Haneen on Instagram. 

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